Wow! This is an impressive instrument.”

— Jake

Sometimes you see something that makes you turn your head for a second look...but you keep walking either way.  That's what I did when I first saw the Yonberg harmonicas.  On the exterior...they have a very striking appearance.  You can tell someone spent a lot of time making them look cool.

But, in the back of my mind...I KNEW IT HAD TO BE A GIMMICK.  I thought that there was no way that a new company was creating professional quality harmonicas with a completely intriguing design.  I was wrong...very wrong.


Multiple unique features that you won't find anywhere else

With Space Age features like the Quick Dismantling System (comes with it's own screw driver) that makes it one of the easiest harps I've ever taken apart and the asymmetrical design that is functional AND visually attractive...the Typhoon is a force to be reckoned with. Air tight, responsive, and smooth due to comb and cover plate innovations that are light years ahead of most harps, it is DIFFICULT to find fault with the Yonberg Typhoon.  I put this harmonica to my lips and it feels like it belongs there.

Trust me...try one out.  It's powered by Seydel Stainless Steel reeds that are proven performers and will give you a lotta bang for your buck.  This harmonica is worth it.  Visit my friends at Alpine Harmonica Co. to order yours today.



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