It's scientifically proven that wearing a Pinegrove Leather Harmonica Bandolier makes you 100% cooler than harmonica players not wearing a Pinegrove Leather Harmonica Bandolier.”

— Jake

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How do you prefer to carry your harps?

Shirt pocket 5
Pants pocket 8
Hard case 16
Soft case 22
Bandolier 8
Belt pouch 11
Don't carry/don't play 1
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Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression

I remember being a little kid, watching John Popper on television grabbing harmonicas out of his suspender pouches and wishing I could do exactly what he did.  To me...he made the harmonica cool.  That lasting impression drove me to pickup the instrument, practice until my lips hurt, and over the years develop a deep love for an instrument small enough to fit in my pocket.
...but something was missing.  I could play the harmonica.  I had a case full of dozens of blues harps.  What I didn't have was a way to walk around on stage and still have my main keys within reach.  Then I heard about the harmonica bandolier.
Like Popper's suspenders, the bandolier keeps the harps at your fingertips.  However, the bandolier makes you look much more like Rambo and is very easy to put on and take off. Pinegrove Leather takes the bandolier design and manufactures a quality product that functions, looks good, and is comfortable.
Like with any case, there are pros and cons to the Pinegrove Leather bandolier. In my opinion...this is one of the best ways to keep an entire set of harps onstage.
Pros Cons
Looks awesome Heavy on the back
Harps easily within reach Can't carry all sizes of harps
Exceptional quality Higher cost
When you move, the harps move too Impossible to carry more than 1 set and a few extras
Comfortable, soft leather  
Rolls up for storage  
Forms to your body  


Closeup photos (look at how nice the stitching is done)